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Attract people to consume your content

Make dedicated section to share your dedication to your customer. A Blog post, podcast, video content, or give free stuff. Give reason for people to come back to your site and incidentally it will increase your website rank too.

Information hub for your Business

If you create a raving fans, they want to know all about you, your products, where are you featured, what you say, all the promotion that they would miss otherwise, your offline events, or even your insight via blog post, video / audio podcast. How do you organize all that for them to share their excitement if not using your business website?

Get Your @Business E-mail

Your website comes with your company Email address for Free. You can make professional contact email using me@, hello@ , support@ , and anything you desire! Plus we will teach you how to connect that to your existing Gmail account so you can use your email directly from your email.

For Example, you can reach me through and it will reach my Gmail Inbox. How cool is that?

Set Unique Stage for your products

Social media is very restricted on what you can post,

  • Facebook can’t combine Text & Image very well
  • Twitter limits your post to 280 characters
  • Instagram mostly highlight photos / video, with little attention to caption.
  • And Marketplace have a certain format that needs to be followed


Website is the only place where you can set a dedicated unique page for your products. Unleash all Creativity in your website !

Even Better with social media

If you already have an existing social media account, that’s even better. People consume social media to extreme amount these days and it will be a great entry point for people to know about your business

But there’s very limited control you can have to post in social media, why not make a dedicated landing page on your website and got the best of both world.

Works on ANY Device

Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC

Website has evolved for the last 20 years, and now target each type of device such as Android, iOS, Mobile, Tablet, PC, or Everything Else to look just right. Your user doesn’t need to download any APP or Software in order to see your website.

Fun Fact* : Do you know you need different projects to create Android Apps, iOS Apps, Windows Application, and MAC software? 

Meanwhile you can create a Responsive Website that works everywhere with only 1 project.

Make your advertising money work for YOU

More than 90% web traffic comes from search Engine. If you use 3rd party selling platform and pay for advertise, it will increase their credibility instead of your own brand.

Why would you want to do that? Advertise your own website and stop paying for someone else!

The only way to build up reputable brand

If you’re setting up your stuff in a marketplace, you’re just another small fish in the big sea. By setting up your website, you’re setting up your own sea and you’re the only fish in it! How do you feel buying branded product on Marketplace versus from their own official website store.

Build your own Mailing List

Enable web visitor to enter your newsletter. Collect customer emails and update them on news from your business. Don’t just wait for them to come, reach out to them too.

Get Customer Statistics

Know who loves you & your business

*We help the integration of these tools to our customer’s site.

Get how effective different channel perform on your campaign

Professional custom website enable us to use specific tools to measure the effectiveness of each channel on your campaign such as printed flyer, television, online paid advertising, social media, etc. Invest on the more effective channel.

Get detail insight on your customer demographic & behavior

One tremendous benefit of having your own website is collecting the analytics of your audience. By utilizing analytics tool such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or other tools, we can see the age group, gender, location, and other masterful insight data to know our audience better.



Website IS the online representative of your shop, just that it’s 99% cheaper to create and maintain. In fact, you can even have both.

Website can be THE main source of your business or a strategic complement to your physical store if you already have one.

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