Business Solutions

In This Package

We will work hand in hand creating the Online Representative of your business that is your Website. If you want to delegate & outsource the development of your website and need everything to be handled by an expert, take this package. 


5 Step Process

Express 6 Week Process 

*Estimate may vary

  1. Data Collection
  2. General Design Kit & Online Presence
  3. Web Design Process
  4. Revisions
  5. Maintenance

Data Collection

Information Template

On the start of the project, we will have a brief conversation of your website objective and put out custom information template unique to your business, that we would want you to fill as alluring as possible. This will our information base to build your site.

Depending on the objective of your site, we need your detail service feature, or product specification to be put on site. Previous marketing data such as brochure, flyer, or video ads will also increase our understanding of your product, service, or proposition.

High Quality Image / Videos

Beautiful Visuals attracts people. Gather stunning pictures related to your business or products. We could also help filling in image in the site with some Stocks photo, but nothing is more attractive than the the real image, real service, and real people. 

General Design Kit & Online Presence

Selecting Web Address

Find the .com domain that represents your business. Domain name is shared across the world and no 2 domain name is the same. Seize your domain name before anyone steal it and keep it forever!

Personalized Navigation

All Website requires navigation menu. Selecting the right menu will be vital on helping your customer navigation between different pages on your website. A confusing or boring navigation will leave bad impression and make them leave right away.

Crafting Web Visual Aspects

To create a more unified experience, there needs consistencies between the website pages. These includes :

  • Face-type (Font) Selection
  • Sizing of Fonts & Other functional Design
  • Color Pallet
  • Similar Design Elements (Buttons, Style)


We can use some direction from you if you already have a consistent font or color that you constantly use in your business, but we can also craft it so that all of these aspects will be adjusted to your Business Image.

Web Design Process

This is the main process of the package. With the general design element guidelines established in the previous steps, our design team will start building your website based on the information gathered, 

On this live design process, we will skillfully make sure that your website looks amazing in major web internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc. More than that, we will create adjustment layout on Every page to fit it nicely on various different tablet sizes such as Ipad, Galaxy Tab, and many other tablets, and also another extra layout for mobile browser with limited size such as Iphone, Android based phone, and other mobile browser on the market.

In Short, leave it to us to create the most Responsive Website you could have so that people can access it in any device and it still look awesome.


This Project includes up to 3 revision rounds. In order to achieve the best results from both side, revision will be done in rounds. A round of revision includes :

  1. Website submission
  2. Review the design drafts. Please gather all revisions on the change request.
    > please collect all of the revisions at one time
  3. We review the feedback and would ask for clarification if needed.
  4. Confirmation from both Sides on all the the change in this revision rounds.
  5. We will execute the revision and will do another submission for you to review.

Please note that you can put any number of Minor revisions in revision round, but any Major revision needs to be discussed before hand, and could be subjected to chargeable time. See the details in the F.A.Q below.


When your Website is up and Running, we need to make sure it perform well to your intended audience. Business Solutions package includes 1 year complementary Maintenance on top of the Package.

Maintenance cover Everything in the Designer Toolset package valued at $1181 , and additional after service including :

  • Domain & Hosting Cost
  • Plugins Subscription Cost
  • Monthly site Health Checkup 
  • Keeping your site Up-to Date
  • Error Fixing 
  • Minor Update to Website.

Moreover, if you’re aiming for Business site that sells product for example, the website already include dashboard that enable you to add / remove the products yourself.

Business Package Content

Total of $3830 Worth of Values

Limited Time price of $3830 $1500.

Over 60% Off! And it’s a One Time Payment.

Similar service comparable with our Business Package content starts from $7000+
and that’s not even including all the added value we give for free in the Designer Toolset package.

*This is a Limited Time Offer, Price & Availability can change in any moment. 

Maintenance Program Discount

In order to continue uninterrupted service to your website for the following year, We’re giving additional discount for payment of at least 3 month in advance, There will be an extra $150 discount bringing down your Full Year Maintenance fee from $750 to $600 / Year.

That’s Less than $50 a Month ($1.2 a Day) for your Full Time Online Store that opens 24-hours a Day, and 365 Days A Year, that runs smoothly unattended. This store even tracks your coming visitor, time of visit, where do they coming from, automatically. This offer won’t last forever, grab it while it’s available.

Business Solutions F.A.Q

Special Program for Indonesia Residence ID Holder*

Present your Identification ID (KTP) on your first order, and get a flat price of Rp 15,000,000,- / yr for the Business Solutions Package. That’s a Massive $2778 Off from the total Value.